kitlangton / stubby   0.1.2


A simple stubbing library for ZIO tests.

Scala versions: 3.x


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A simple stubbing library for ZIO tests.

libraryDependencies += "io.github.kitlangton" %% "stubby" % "0.1.2"

Example Usage

Given the following contrived API.

trait MagicAPI:
  def destroyPlanet(planet: String): IO[MagicError, Unit]
  def pureMethod(int: Int): String

enum MagicError extends Exception:
  case MagicBackfired
  case TooManyMagic

And the following application logic.

class App(magicApi: MagicAPI):
  def destroy: Task[String] =
      .as("Planet destroyed")
      .catchAll {
        case MagicError.MagicBackfired => ZIO.succeed("Magic backfired")
        case MagicError.TooManyMagic   => ZIO.succeed("Too many magic")

  def usePure: String =
    s"Pure Magic: ${magicApi.pureMethod(42)}"

object App:
  val layer: ZLayer[MagicAPI, Nothing, App] =

  def destroy = ZIO.serviceWithZIO[App](_.destroy)
  def usePure = ZIO.serviceWith[App](_.usePure)

Use stubby to stub methods and test your application:

import zio.test.*
import zio.*
import stubby.*

object AppSpec extends ZIOSpecDefault:
  val spec =
    suiteAll("App") {

      test("fails when magic backfires") {
          // Override the destroyPlanet method to always fail with MagicBackfired
          _ <- stub[MagicAPI](_.destroyPlanet(any)) {
          result <- App.destroy
        yield assertTrue(result == "Magic backfired")

      test("returns the result of the pure method") {
          // Or stub a pure method to return a specific value
          _ <- stub[MagicAPI](_.pureMethod(any)) {
                  "HELP ME I'M TRAPPED IN AN EXAMPLE"
          result <- App.usePure
        yield assertTrue(result == "Pure Magic: HELP ME I'M TRAPPED IN AN EXAMPLE")

      stubbed[MagicAPI] // <- stubbed[MagicAPI] will create a Layer[MagicAPI]