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JWT related directives for

Scala versions: 2.10 2.11

spray-jwt is a set of utilities for, which perform signing and verification of a JSON Web Token (JWT).

This project is no longer actively maintained.

Please consider migrating to Akka HTTP. I found some JWT libraries for Akka HTTP.

Getting Started

Add the following dependency to your build.sbt,

libraryDependencies += "com.github.kikuomax" %% "spray-jwt" % "0.0.4"

Binaries for Scala 2.10.x and 2.11.x are provided.

If you are using shapeless 2; i.e., spray-routing-shapeless2, please try the following,

libraryDependencies += "com.github.kikuomax" %% "spray-jwt-shapeless2" % "0.0.4"


The following example is derived from the example code in the documentation for the authenticate directive of

import com.github.kikuomax.spray.jwt.JwtDirectives._
import com.github.kikuomax.spray.jwt.JwtClaimBuilder._
import com.github.kikuomax.spray.jwt.JwtClaimVerifier._
import com.github.kikuomax.spray.jwt.JwtSignature
import com.nimbusds.jose.JWSAlgorithm
import com.nimbusds.jwt.JWTClaimsSet
import scala.concurrent.{
import scala.concurrent.duration.DurationInt
import spray.routing.HttpService
import spray.routing.authentication.{

/** An example service. */
trait ExampleService extends HttpService {
  // you can use Actor's dispatcher as the execution context
  implicit val executionContext: ExecutionContext

  // imports implicit signing and verification functions in the scope
  val signature = JwtSignature(JWSAlgorithm.HS256, "chiave segreta")
  import signature._

  // an implicit claim set building function
  implicit val claimBuilder: String => Option[JWTClaimsSet] =
    claimSubject[String](identity) &&
    claimIssuer("spray-jwt") &&

  // a user authentication function
  def myUserPassAuthenticator(userPass: Option[UserPass]): Future[Option[String]] =
    Future {
      if (userPass.exists(up => up.user == "John" && up.pass == "p4ssw0rd"))

  val route =
    path("authenticate") {
      authenticate(BasicAuth(jwtAuthenticator(myUserPassAuthenticator _), "secure site")) { jws =>
    } ~
    path("verify") {
      // a privileging function
      def privilegeUser(claim: JWTClaimsSet): Option[String] =
        Option(claim.getSubject()) flatMap {
          case user: String if user == "John" => Some(user)
          case _                              => None

      authorizeToken(verifyNotExpired && privilegeUser) { userName =>
        complete(s"The user is $userName")

You also can find an example application in the example directory. Please read the README for the example.

JWT Library

Nimbus JOSE + JWT is used for generating and verifying JWTs.

Release Notes


  • The minimum length of a secret is 256 bits; i.e., 32 bytes. This is due to updating Nimbus JOSE + JWT v3.5v8.4 to address a security vulnerability.


  • The minimum resolution of JwtClaimBuilder.claimExpiration is one second.


  • JwtDirectives.authenticateToken can take a directive that extracts a token from an HTTP request.
  • An example application is introduced.


MIT License