kflorence / port-manager   0.1.0


Thread-safe port manager for Java/Scala.

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

Port Manager

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Thread-safe management of ports within a port bounds. The primary use-case is the reservation of static ports during integration testing. It allows the ports used by applications to be known and prevents ports from colliding across test suites.


Include the library as a dependency of your project (the Test scope is optional).

val version = "0.1.0"

// For Java
val portManagerJavadsl = "com.kflorence" %% "port-manager-javadsl" % version % Test
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(portManagerJavadsl)

// For Scala
val portManagerScaladsl = "com.kflorence" %% "port-manager-scaladsl" % version % Test
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(portManagerScaladsl)

You will then want to create a PortManager instance that is responsible for a range of ports. Generally, you can just use StaticPortManager.Ephemeral, which will manage the IANA suggested ephemeral ports in the range of 49152 to 65535. Any time your tests need a port, you can simply invoke StaticPortManager.Ephemeral.claim(), which will claim and return the next available port. If there are no ports left to claim, an exception will be thrown. If for some reason you need to unclaim a port, you can invoke StaticPortManager.Ephemeral.unclaim(port) where port is the port you wish to unclaim.

You can also create your own StaticPortManager for a specific set of ports:

// Using specific ports
val portManagerSet = StaticPortManager(Set(49152, 49153, 49154, 49155))

// Using a range of ports
val portManagerRange = StaticPortManager(49155 to 50000)

Note that each port manager is only aware of the ports it manages. So if you use multiple, care should be taken to ensure the ports do not overlap.

For more use cases, see the StaticPortManagerTests.