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Schema parser for different code generators

DSL description


Defines a model. Animal is called Type, Catand Dog are called classes in this documentation

type Animal {


  dog ::
   name: String


Example above is equivalent to:

abstract class Animal
class Cat extends Animal
class Dog(name: String) extends Animal


Defines a API request definition

call requestName ::
  param1: Int
  => Long

It's equivalent to a request which returns Long as a result

class RequestName(param1: Int)


Defines a trait (mixin). <: is used to specify traits for call or type

trait TraitName1
trait TraitName2

call CallName <: TraitName1 TraitName2 ::
  param1: Int
  => Int

Type alias

Defines a type alias

type AliasName = Int

External type

Defines a predefined schema type like Int, Long, String etc

external type Int


Defines a package (scope of visibility)

package packageName {


Defines an import

package a {
  type X {
package b {
  import a.x
  call Y ::
    param1: x
  => Int

Supported features


Type, Call and class could extend any number of Traits. Any class inherit traits from the enclosing Type

trait T1
trait T2
type Type1 <: T1 {
  className <: T2


package1.package2.TypeName is called reference. Both absolute and relative reference are supported

package p1 {
  package p2 {
    type T1 {
    type T2 {
    type T3 {
    type T4 {
  package p3 {
    import p2.T1
    import p1.p2.T2
    type AliasT4 = p2.T4

    call C1 ::
      param1: T1
      param2: T2
      param3: p1.p3.T3
      param4: AliasT4
    => Int



Documentation could include references to another schema elements. `` is used for it.

/** Docs for type with a link to some other `T2` */
type T1 {
  /** Docs for class
      with a multipe lines
  t1 ::
    field1: Int -- docs for field1


Any class or Call may refer to a specific API version. (1-3) means that c1 is available from the 1st to the 3rd versions. (1-) means that c1 is available from the 1st to the latest versions (-3) means that call is available from the oldest to the 3rd versions

/** Parameterless call */
call c1 (1-3)
  => Int


Any schema keyword may be used as a Type or parameter name. Use `type`: Int for it.

Http definiton

Call may have an http definition.

  • param1 is a path parameter
  • param2 is a query parameter
  • param3 is a body parameter

Supported HTTP methods are GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE

@POST /api/{param1}?{param2}
call C1 <: Request ::
  param1 : Int
  param2 : Option[Long]
  param3 : String
  => String