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Scala nanoboard implementation. nanoboard

Original project description

What is Nanoboard: it is steganographic imageboard without centralized server or p2p: users share nanoposts by posting png-containers (with nanoposts hidden inside) on real imageboards (users negotiate which imageboard threads to use for posting containers in special Nanoboard thread).

Nanoboard's goals are: speech of freedom, immortality and ownership of the imageboard. Nanoboard is able to use transport different from png-containers. One such alternative transport is: BitMessage transport.

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  • Accepted containers management
  • Automatic containers download
  • Bootstrap typography BB-codes
  • Code highlighting
  • External images expansion
  • File sharing
  • Fractal music
  • Highly optimized POW algorithm
  • HTML5 video player
  • Linked posts preview
  • Live update (WebSockets)
  • Localized interface
  • Markdown formatting support
  • Message live preview
  • Option to verify existing posts
  • Random container generation
  • SVG images support
  • Six themes

How to use