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Mattermost API and more with Scala

Scala versions: 2.11

Mattermost for Scala (mm4s)

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Composable interface to the Mattermost REST API using Akka Streams.


API for developing Bots with Akka. Provides a Gateway API to Mattermost.


Bots can be configured externally from the docker deployment by setting the following environment variables.

  • MM_HOST - Mattermost server host name
  • MM_PORT - Mattermost server port number
  • BOT_USER - Bot Username - The username for the Bot, which will be used to create a Bot if not already existing
  • BOT_PASS - Bot Password - The password for the Bot account. Be warned that security is pretty low speed right now.
  • BOT_TEAM - Bot Team - The team to connect to, only one supported per Bot.
  • BOT_CHANNEL - Channel ID - The channel the Bot lives in (for now only one) and messages to.

Note: At this time a single bot can be dynamically placed on a single team and channel only. #23


Minimal REST API for Docker tailored for deploying containerized bots deployed as a Docker container.

Note that rx-docker uses the following environment variables

  • DOCKER_HOST: which should use the http:// scheme not tcp://
  • DOCKER_CERT_PATH: which may need added as a volume and env var


Containerized init scripts for a MM development instance.


Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is provided through Akka Injects and is available within any bot.

See the Akka Injects readme for details on use.


Add the bintray resolver to you sbt project

resolvers += "jw3 at bintray" at "https://dl.bintray.com/jw3/maven"

The following artifacts can be specified

"com.github.jw3" %% "mm4s-api" % "0.2.1"

"com.github.jw3" %% "mm4s-bots" % "0.2.1"

"com.github.jw3" %% "mm4s-dockerbots" % "0.2.1"

Bugs and Feedback

For bugs, questions and discussions please use the Github Issues.


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