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Opinionated sbt plugin to release your artifacts early, both on merge and via git tag.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11 2.10
sbt plugins: 1.0 0.13

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sbt-release-early is an opinionated sbt plugin to follow the maxim "Release early, release often". It provides an automatic way to release artifacts on merge and via git tags, and automates all the necessary steps to make releasing easy.


  1. Maintainers cut and handle releases in a breeze.
  2. Users do not need to beg maintainers to release.
  3. Open-source contributors have access to their changes as soon as their PRs are merged.
  4. Maintainers can easily change the publisher they use (Bintray or Sonatype) and their CI setup.

Installation and latest version

For installation, here's a quick link to the pertinent wiki page.

Read the docs

The docs are placed in a detailed GitHub wiki. They have been carefully written to contain all the information you may need to publish any package in sbt. If something is missing, please contribute to them, the wiki is open to external editions.

They explain:

  • The philosophy.
  • How to install, use and configure the plugin.
  • How to set up your CI, gpg and related infrastructure.
  • How to release for different backends and CIs.


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"Just use sbt-release-early to release and let's party with my grandkids!! What's the BFD?!" "I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at mee! 👋 Do you want to cut a release? Use sbt-release-early! 💨✨ *explodes*" "Meh, sbt-release-early is above average."

If you want to add a review, open a pull request!


We welcome contributions and we actively maintain this plugin.

We recognise the following ways to contribute to this project:

  • Submitting a pull request to fix anything.
  • Filing a bug report in the issue tracker.
  • Participating in the discussions in the Gitter channel, issues or pull requests.

Maintainers of this plugin are happy to mentor / help open-source contributors to get familiar with sbt or improve their Scala skills. We both focus in improving this piece of software and helping you sharpen your open-source Scala skills.

If you like this work and have the financial means, we encourage you to either donate to the open-source Scala community or the Scala Center. If you're a company, we encourage you to become an Scala Center's Advisory Board member and have a say in our projects and the future of the Scala language.

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