julianmichael / qasrl-bank-scala   0.2.0

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Scala client library for the QA-SRL Bank.

Scala versions: 2.12
Scala.js versions: 0.6

MOVED: I folded this into the repository at julianmichael/qasrl.

QA-SRL Bank Scala Client

This directory houses the Scala client library for the QA-SRL Bank 2.0 dataset. In here are types and JSON serialization tools for reading in the data and processing it or serving it through HTTP.


Add the following to your Mill build ivyDeps:

  ivy"org.julianmichael::qasrl-bank-service::0.1.0" // optional

The main way you would use this is construct a qasrl.bank.FullData object (defined here) passing it the location of the directory holding the QA-SRL Bank data. If you also include the qasrl-bank-service dependency, you can use this to spin up an HTTP server that you can then hit with requests from the JavaScript client in the browser. For example uses, see the qasrl-apps project.