Build Status PlayAuthenticate - An extensible authentication plugin for Play! Framework 2 (Java)

MAINTAINERS WANTED!!!! Please drop me a message if you want to help out!

Update on 2021-02-10: Unfortunately the search for maintainers has not yielded any results and ther haven't been made any meaningful updates/changes to the source code in a long time. This repository will be archived for the time being to prevent people adopting this project.

This plugin uses concepts from securesocial2 and Play20StartApp and provides a sample containing code from deadbolt2.

Version information

Play Authenticate currently needs Play! Framework 2.0.2 or later

Play Authenticate is cross-tested in Java 1.6, Java 1.7 (Up to 0.6.x) and Java 1.8 (from 0.7.0)

Since Play 2.6 it's cross-compiled for both Scala 2.11 and 2.12.

Works fine with Play version

Releases are on mvnrepository and snapshots can be found on sonatype.

Live demo

You can find a live demo on heroku and there are some screens on our website.


Clone the project, go to samples/java/play-authenticate-usage and run sbt run to see a sample application. There are only very few of the providers enabled, because for most of them, you need to add OAuth credentials which you can get at the various different providers.

Including the Dependencies

Play-Authenticate is available in Maven Central.



val appDependencies = Seq(
  "com.feth" %% "play-authenticate" % "0.9.0"


  • Fully customizable and localizable controllers and views (e.g. Play Authenticate allows you to define your own controllers and views for every visual step of the signup and/or log in process)
  • Completely dynamic URL generation for all views (uses the route file - means you can adapt the look and feel as much as you like).
    • The sample shows how to do this with Twitter bootstrap
  • Linking of accounts (e.g. one local user with multiple authentication providers)
    • Linking can be done automatically or after asking the user (default)
  • Merge detection (e.g. a user created two unconnected local accounts)
    • Account merge can be done automatically or after asking the user (default)
  • Tight deadbolt2 authorization integration (Sample included).
  • HTTPS support (for OAuth2 redirect links and email verification).
  • Verification email used by Email/Password provider is fully customizable and localizable and can be sent in either text or HTML or both.


As of now, the following authentication providers are supported out of the box:

  • OAuth 2
    • Facebook
    • Foursquare
    • Google
    • Untappd
    • / VKontakte
    • Pocket
    • github
    • Eventbrite
  • OAuth 1
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Xing
  • OpenID OpenID
  • E-Mail Email/Password (with email verification, password security/encryption is fully customizable)
  • Basic Authentication
  • Your very own authentication provider (LDAP, DB, you-name-it) via an extensible, easy-to-use plugin mechanism based on Play Plugins

The included sample application shows how to use all of those providers. There is also a sample application using Play!Authenticate with MongoDB.


  • English
  • German (as of 2012-07-09)
  • Polish (as of 2012-08-03)
  • French (as of 2012-08-28, commit 967e11e207)
  • Spanish (as of 2013-03-02, commit 59613c5a44)
  • Italian (as of 2013-09-21, core only, commit b1b9e2a46b)
  • Japanese (as of 2013-11-27, commit fd4cc56b168d9ed447943c879dd61f271158edf7)
  • Portuguese (as of 2014-07-29)
  • Chinese (as of 2017-04-18)


  • TRUNK [not released in the repository, yet]
    • Fancy contributing something? :-)
  • 0.9.0 [tbd]
    • Upgrade to Play 2.6 (thanks @KadekM)
    • ATTENTION: This is for Play 2.6 - if you have Play 2.5, use a 0.8.x version.
    • Turkish core (thanks @canoztokmak)
  • 0.8.3 [2017-04-18]
    • Chinese translation (thanks @frederick036)
    • Fix for facebook refresh token
  • 0.8.2 [2017-04-18]
    • Fix for facebook changes (thanks @Shenker93)
  • 0.8.1 [2016-12-18]
    • play-easymail upgrade
  • 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT [2016-04-04]
    • Upgraded to Play 2.5
  • 0.7.1 [2015-12-13]
    • LinkedIn profile URL fixes (thanks @akitaylor)
    • Serialization fixes (thanks @EvanDooner)
  • 0.7.0 [preview on 2015-06-10, release on 2015-10-31]
    • Upgrade to play 2.4 (thanks @vmouta, @mkurz)
    • ATTENTION: This is for Play 2.4 - if you have Play 2.3 or older, use a 0.6.x version.
  • 0.6.9 [2015-12-13] (last version for Play 2.3.x)
    • LinkedIn profile URL fixes (thanks @akitaylor)
    • Serialization fixes (thanks @EvanDooner)
  • 0.6.8 [2014-11-07]
    • Throw an exception if Resolver is not defined
    • Upgrade sample app to bootstrap 3.2 (thanks @joslash, @enalmada)
    • Remove obsolete repository resolvers
    • Fix NPE on cache clear during ongoing OAuth flow
  • 0.6.7 [2014-11-02]
    • Maintenance release
  • 0.6.6 [2014-10-29]
    • First release in Maven Central
  • 0.6.6-SNAPSHOT [2014-10-29]
    • Portuguese translation (thanks @hugotavares)
    • Updated mailer with attachment support (thanks @mkurz)
    • Added display param support for Facebook (thanks @mkurz)
    • Fixed serialization problem with memcached (thanks @dborisenko)
  • 0.6.5-SNAPSHOT [2014-07-29]
    • Compile binaries with Java 6 for better compatibility (thanks @rui-ferreira)
    • Extend Travis build matrix to include Java 6 and Java 7
  • 0.6.4-SNAPSHOT [2014-07-09]
    • Eventbrite Auth provider (thanks @thandaanda)
  • 0.6.3-SNAPSHOT [2014-07-05]
    • Fix for cache being emptied (see issue #189)
    • Update to play-easymail 0.6.3
  • 0.6.2-SNAPSHOT [2014-06-29]
    • Add Basic Auth provider (thanks @fhars)
    • Add SPNEGO Auth provider (thanks @fhars)
  • 0.6.1-SNAPSHOT [2014-06-29]
    • Add Scala 2.10.x binary to repository
    • Travis testing against Scala 2.10.x
    • Fix repository URLs (thanks @dobau)
    • Added simple OAuth2 test
    • ATTENTION: Binaries are not published in ivy style any more - please update your resolver URLs (see issue #189)
  • 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT [2014-06-10]
    • First release for Play 2.3.x (thanks @jakubvalenta)
    • Japanese localization (thanks @naruoga)
  • 0.5.4 [2015-12-13] (last version for Play 2.2.x)
    • LinkedIn profile URL fixes (thanks @akitaylor)
    • Serialization fixes (thanks @EvanDooner)
  • 0.5.3-SNAPSHOT [2014-07-05]
    • Maintenance release: backports for play-easymail
    • Update to play-easymail 0.5.2
  • 0.5.2-SNAPSHOT [2013-11-11]
    • Automatically generate and use state parameter in OAuth2.
    • New github provider
    • German core translation
    • Fix broken OpenID provider
    • Add a default timeout for external identity providers
    • Lots of small fixes and enhancements
  • 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT [2013-10-28]
    • Prepare for Play 2.2 (thanks @smola, @tjdett, @dribba, @goryuchkin)
    • Updated to deadbolt 2.2 RC2
    • Updated play-easymail to version 0.5 (Headers can now contain hyphens, thanks @jtammen)
  • 0.3.6 [2015-12-13] (last version for Play 2.1.x)
    • LinkedIn profile URL fixes (thanks @akitaylor)
    • Serialization fixes (thanks @EvanDooner)
  • 0.3.5-SNAPSHOT [2013-10-23]
    • Fixed Error handling for OAuth1 providers (thanks @vlopato)
  • 0.3.4-SNAPSHOT [2013-09-22]
    • Update to HttpClient 4.3
    • Italian translation (thanks @ironmaiden189)
    • Pocket provider (thanks @ironmaiden189)
    • Xing and LinkedIn providers got more information (profile URL, ec.) (thanks @jtammen)
  • 0.3.3-SNAPSHOT [2013-09-01]
    • New authentication provider for Untappd (thanks @sweigardc)
    • New authentication provider for Xing (thanks @jtammen)
    • Allow custom emails (thanks @jtammen)
    • Move to play-easymail 0.3 (allows for custom headers)
  • 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT [2013-07-22]
    • Bumped Apache HttpClient to version 4.2.5
    • Bumped deadbolt2 to version 2.1-RC2
    • New authentication provider for (thanks @dborisenko)
    • Add refresh_token/expires_in to OAuth2 and Google/Facebook providers (thanks @jayceecam)
    • Fix for Twitter API 1.1 (thanks @xjodoin)
    • Fix for facebook users that have no user name set (thanks @smola)
    • Fix for facebook error messages (issue #26, thanks @smola)
    • Add setting for Facebook user fields to retrieve. (thanks @smola)
    • Spanish translation, thanks to @petru-ghita
  • 0.2.5-SNAPSHOT [2013-02-14]
    • Fix for users signing up that shall be logged in straight away. PLEASE NOTE: Breaking change!!! Upgrading to this version requires you to add one additional method to your custom UsernamePasswordAuthProvider. Have a look at the sample to see a default implementation that should work for almost everyone.
  • 0.2.4-SNAPSHOT [2013-02-06]
    • First version for Play! Framework 2.1.0.
  • 0.2.3-SNAPSHOT [2012-12-17] (last version for Play 2.0.x)
    • Use reflection for email templates in samples to allow easier addition of new languages (thanks @biesoir for the initial version)
    • Linkedin added (thanks @tonygwu)
  • 0.2.2-SNAPSHOT [2012-11-07]
    • Fixed caching behaviour for CDNs (thanks @enalmada)
    • Added initial Getting Started guide (thanks Peter Zeller)
    • Upgraded HttpClient dependency from 4.2 to 4.2.1
    • Switch to Play 2.0.4
  • 0.2.1-SNAPSHOT [2012-10-22]
    • Added Polish translation (thanks to @biesoir)
    • Added French translation (thanks to @Mortimerp9)
    • Added simple OAuth example
    • Fixed an NPE occuring when signing up with email previously connected to a Google Account
    • Fixed serialization problem with memcache
    • Switch to Play 2.0.3
  • 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT [2012-08-01]
    • Add twitter provider (many thanks to Fred Cecilia (@naiky) for the initial version)
  • 0.1.9-SNAPSHOT [2012-07-16]
    • Fix for invalid locale formats (e.g. en-GB) coming from Google and/or facebook OAuth.
  • 0.1.8-SNAPSHOT [2012-07-12]
    • Change: Password auth provider now gets Context passed in buildLoginAuthUser and buildSignupAuthUser so you can get the locale of the user signing up for example. This change affects prior written auth providers based on UsernamePasswordAuthProvider - see the sample app or just add an additional Context parameter to fix it.
    • More localization (emails, parts of navigation)
    • Fix of LocaleIdentity implementation for facebook and google.
  • 0.1.7-SNAPSHOT [2012-07-09]
    • i18n message bundle update, email formatting, use play-easymail module, fix when user has not set an email and tries to log in via password
  • 0.1.6-SNAPSHOT [2012-07-07]
    • fix bugs, added setting for overriding the redirect_uri callback for OAuth providers to enable usage through CDNs, etc.
  • 0.1.5-SNAPSHOT [2012-07-05]
    • password reset, password change, email verification
  • 0.1.4-SNAPSHOT [2012-06-29]
    • bug fixes, nice message page if OAuth access gets denied and most important support for play 2.0.2
  • 0.1.3-SNAPSHOT [2012-06-27]
    • bug fixes, state parameter for OAuth2 providers
  • 0.1.2-SNAPSHOT [2012-06-25]
    • bug fixes
  • 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT [2012-06-24]
    • lots of options, refined interface for sample app, etc.
  • 0.1.0 [2012-06-19]
    • Initial release


Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Joscha Feth

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this work except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License in the LICENSE file, or at:

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