johanandren / sbt-taglist   1.4.0


SBT-plugin for finding tags (for example TODOs) in the source code of a project

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13


Build Status

Small SBT plugin that will contain roughly the functionality of the maven-tag-list plugin when done.

The plugin contains the task "tag-list" which performs a case insensitive search in the sources of a project for a set of keywords. The default keywords are "todo" and "fixme"


The plugin is available from the community sbt-plugins repository on bintray, add a dependency on it in your project (a common place is PROJECT_DIR/project/plugins.sbt):

addSbtPlugin("com.markatta" % "sbt-taglist" % "1.4.0")


The plugin uses the regular source settings for your sbt-project so it should work out of the box with non-standard directory structures etc.


In 1.4 all settings where renamed to be prefixed with tagList to not cause conflicts in the key namespace. This means the setting tagWords now is tagListWords etc.

The default settings only looks for tags in src/main/scala. To configure additional source directories, for example to include the test sources:

sources in tagList := (sources in Compile).value ++ (sources in Test).value


The default tags looked for are "todo" and "fixme". To override those you can either just simply set a list of words, all of them will yield warnings in the log when found:

tagListWords := Seq("incorrect", "plainwrong", "dontcheckin")

Or if it better suits your needs you can specify each word along with a log level:

tagListTags := Set(Tag("todo", TagListPlugin.Info), Tag("fixme", TagListPlugin.Info))