jetbrains / sbt-ide-settings   1.1.2

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SBT plugin for tweaking various IDE settings

Scala versions: 2.12 2.10
sbt plugins: 1.0 0.13

SBT plugin for configuring IDE settings

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This plugin provides keys to configure IDE settings. Available for sbt 0.13.5+ and 1.0+


  1. Add the following lines to project/plugins.sbt:
addSbtPlugin("org.jetbrains.scala" % "sbt-ide-settings" % "1.1.1")
  1. Tweak any settings you want

Available settings

  • ideExcludedDirectories : Seq[File]

    List of directories to be marked as excluded in IDE.

  • idePackagePrefix : Option[String]

    If package prefix is org.example.application, a PATH is a source directory implies org/example/application/PATH, so you don't have to create org, example, and application subdirectories (more info).

  • ideBasePackages : Seq[String]

    List of packages to be used as base prefixes for chaining. Packages starting with one of these prefixes will be chained automatically in IDE.

  • ideSkipProject : Boolean

    Flag indicating that current subproject should be skipped from importing.

  • ideOutputDirectory : Option[File]

    Directory to use for production and test output instead of SBT's target directory.

Using the settings without plugin

All the settings in this plugin are simply flags that are respected by IntelliJ IDEA on project import. They can be added to a project as a setting without including this plugin in the following format:

SettingKey[Seq[File]]("ide-excluded-directories") := Seq(file("some/file"))
SettingKey[Option[String]]("ide-package-prefix") := Option("org.example.application")
SettingKey[Seq[String]]("ide-base-packages") := Seq("package1", "package2")
SettingKey[Boolean]("ide-skip-project") := true
SettingKey[Option[File]]("ide-output-directory") := Option(file("some/file"))