jelly-rdf / jelly-jvm   0.0.5

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JVM (Scala) implementation of Jelly

Scala versions: 3.x



Java Virtual Machine implementation of Jelly, written in Scala 3.

This collection of libraries aims to provide the full stack of utilities for fast and scalable RDF streaming with the Jelly protocol. You can only use a part of the stack (e.g., only the serializer), or you may choose to use the full gRPC server and the reactive streaming utilities.

Development status

The libraries are in active (alpha) development and are not yet stable. Expect a first stable release in Q1 2023.

The libraries follow the semantic versioning scheme for binary compatibility.

The jelly-stream and jelly-grpc currently use the Akka library (2.6.x), with the last release available on the Apache 2.0 license. Due to the licensing change of Akka, in future versions it is planned to switch to the community fork of Akka – Apache Pekko, when it becomes available.


  • jelly-core – serialization and deserialization code (using the scalapb library), along with generic utilities for converting the deserialized RDF data to/from the representations of RDF libraries (like Apache Jena or RDF4J).

    • jelly-core Scala version support javadoc
  • jelly-jena – conversions and interop code for the Apache Jena library.

    • jelly-jena Scala version support javadoc
  • jelly-rdf4j – conversions and interop code for the RDF4J library.

    • jelly-rdf4j Scala version support javadoc
  • jelly-stream – utilities for building Reactive Streams of RDF data (based on Akka Streams). Useful for integrating with gRPC or other streaming protocols (e.g., Kafka, MQTT).

    • jelly-stream Scala version support javadoc
  • jelly-grpc – implementation of a gRPC client and server for the full Jelly protocol.

    • jelly-grpc Scala version support javadoc


Feel free to submit bug reports, feature proposals and pull requests! You can also contribute to the documentation in the wiki.


The Jelly-JVM libraries are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.