jatcwang / difflicious   0.4.2

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Scala library for readable diffs of values

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13


Diffs for human consumption

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Difflicious is a library that produces nice readable diffs in your tests.

  • Readable and Actionable diff results
  • Flexible & Configurable diffing logic
    • Ignore unimportant fields when comparing
    • Compare Lists of items independent of order
    • Match Map entries by key and show diffs of the values
  • Integration with test frameworks and popular libraries

Hungry for some good diffs? Check out the documentation!


All contributions are welcome including suggestions and ideas. For larger changes please raise an issue first to avoid duplicate work :)


This project takes many inspirations from

  • diffx's path expression for ignoring fields
  • MUnit's case class diffs


Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file.