Atom sbt Plugin


Add the plugin in your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.jamesward" % "sbt-atom" % "0.0.4")

Enable the plugin and set its config in your build.sbt file:


Launch Atom:

sbt atom

Optional sbt Settings (build.sbt):

atomVersion := "1.0.0"              // default is the latest release from:
atomExcludePrereleases := false     // default is true (exclude prereleases)
atomOs := "Windows"                 // default is your OS
atomPackages := Seq("heroku-tools") // default is none
atomFilesToOpen := Seq("") // default is Seq("./") i.e. the project dir
atomHome := file("/foo")            // default is ~/.atom

Developer Info

Test Project:

cd test-project
../sbt atom


  1. Replace version in
  2. Commit changes: git commit -am "release 0.0.x"
  3. Tag the release: git tag v0.0.x
  4. Push tag and changes: git push --follow-tags
  5. Publish the release: ./sbt publish