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Add Swagger UI support to Finatra web framework.

Currently supports Scala 2.13 and major Finatra versions going back to 2.10.0

For older versions, see the original repository by xiaodongw

Getting started

The major and minor version of the library matches the Finatra major and minor version:

libraryDependencies += "com.jakehschwartz" %% "finatra-swagger" % "23.11.0"

First, create a subclass of a SwaggerModule

object SampleSwaggerModule extends SwaggerModule {
  def swagger: Swagger = {
    val swagger = new Swagger()
    val info = new Info()
      .description("The Student / Course management API, this is a sample for swagger document generation")
      .title("Student / Course Management API")
      .addSecurityDefinition("sampleBasic", {
        val d = new BasicAuthDefinition()

Then add the module to the list of modules in the Server. Don't forget to include the DocsController in the router!

object SampleApp extends HttpServer {
  override protected def modules = Seq(SampleSwaggerModule)

  override def configureHttp(router: HttpRouter) {

Lastly, configure the endpoints using the SwaggerRouteDSL

class SampleController @Inject()(s: Swagger) extends SwaggerController {
  implicit protected val swagger = s

  getWithDoc("/students/:id") { o =>
    o.summary("Read the detail information about the student")
      .routeParam[String]("id", "the student id")
      .responseWith[Student](200, "the student details")
      .responseWith(404, "the student is not found")
  } { request =>

To see the Swagger UI, use the /docs endpoint. This can be overridden using the Finatra flag ""

To see the model that is JSON document that is generated, use /swagger.json.


To see these in action, check out the examples directory