jacoby6000 / sqlz   0.3.1

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Pure Functional SQL generation.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11


I am no longer working on this. Master is currently very broken, and probably does not have good architecture. It is a partial implementation of SQL using tagless algebras...

I am giving up, because the way to correctly do this would be with a mutually recursive AST. I had implemented this in an old version of dotty (see the dotty branch) where it appeared to work, but there were some issues when evaluating the recursive parts of the algebra for the paramorphism. Also, I should've been using histoM instead of paraM looking back... Anyway, it doesn't matter. Scala doesn't support GADTs and what I had working with Dotty no longer compiles for reasons I don't understand (though, admittedly, I didn't try that hard).

This should be correctly doable using tagless algebras as well, however I am not really a fan of that approach for this particular problem. Modelling SQL using a mutually recursive AST felt right... Tagless doesn't. That's just my opinion though. Feel free to pick this up if you want.

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