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AWS Client libraries for Scala (Automatic generation from AWS source code)

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11


AWS Client libraries for Scala

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  • AWS SDK for Java V2 Support
  • Scala wrapper auto generation from Java sources of AWS
    • Support all java methods via Scala wrapper(but methods which Consumer type has can't used)
  • Enrich Java model classes
    • Support Java model classes, add methods(AsScala suffix) for Scala by enriching the Java model class
  • Support concurrent types
    • core
      • scala.concurrent.Future
    • monix
      • monix.eval.Task
      • monix.reactive.Observable
    • cats-effect
      • cats.effect.IO
    • akka-stream
      • akka.stream.scaladsl.Source
      • akka.stream.scaladsl.Flow

Support environments

  • Java SE 8
  • Scala
    • 2.11.x
    • 2.12.x
    • 2.13.x
reactive-aws-clients version scala version aws-sdk version akka-version cats version monix
1.1.x 2.11.x, 2.12.x, 2.13.x 2.10.x 2.5.x 2.0.x(since 1.15) 3.1.x(since 1.16)
1.2.x 2.11.x, 2.12.x, 2.13.x 2.11.x 2.5.x 2.0.x 3.1.x
1.2.1+ 2.11.x 2.11.x 2.5.x 2.0.x 3.1.x
1.2.1+ 2.12.x, 2.13.x 2.11.x 2.6.x 2.0.x 3.1.x


Add dependencies to build.sbt.

val libraryName = "dynamodb"
val version = "1.2.0"

libraryDependencies += Seq(
  "com.github.j5ik2o" %% s"reactive-aws-$libraryName-core" % version,
  "com.github.j5ik2o" %% s"reactive-aws-$libraryName-monix" % version, // optional
  "com.github.j5ik2o" %% s"reactive-aws-$libraryName-akka" % version, // optional
  "com.github.j5ik2o" %% s"reactive-aws-$libraryName-cats" % version, // optional


The following is an example of dynamodb. The usage is almost the same as other libraries.

import com.github.j5ik2o.reactive.aws.dynamodb._
import com.github.j5ik2o.reactive.aws.dynamodb.implicits._ // import for enrich
import software.amazon.awssdk.services.dynamodb.model._
import software.amazon.awssdk.services.dynamodb.{ DynamoDbAsyncClient => JavaDynamoDbAsyncClient }

val underlying = JavaDynamoDbAsyncClient
  // ...
val client = DynamoDbAsyncClient(underlying) // Pass the Java client instance to the constructor
val putItemRequest = PutItemRequest // Java types can be used as is
    Map[String, AttributeValue](
      "Id"   -> AttributeValue.builder().s("abc").build(),
      "Name" -> AttributeValue.builder().s("xyz").build()
  ) // use the enriched Scala method
val putItemResponseFuture = client.putItem(putItemRequest)

How to build

Run the following commands (Maven is required to run mvnInstall or mvnClean)

$ git submodule update --init
$ sbt mvnClean mvnInstall // first time only
$ sbt compile

How to contribute

If you need other SDK features, please create an issue or send a P-R.