A codec library



Two main branches will be maintained: develop and master. master contains the latest version of the code that was tested end-to-end. develop contains the latest version of the code that runs all the tests (unit and integration tests). Integration tests don't test all the integrations. Hence, any version in develop might have bugs when deployed for an end-to-end test.

Working with the codebase

To build the codebase, mill

To run a single test mill io.iohk.decco.test.instances.CollectionInstancesSpec

To publish the jar locally, mill or mill

In order to keep the code format consistent, we use scalafmt and git hooks, follow these steps to configure it accordingly (otherwise, your changes are going to be rejected by CircleCI):

  • Install coursier, the coursier command must work.
  • ./ (might require sudo).
  • cp pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit