ingarabr / sbt-cloud-functions   0.2.1

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Make it simple to deploy Google Cloud Functions from SBT.

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


Make it simple to test and deploy a Google Cloud Functions by leveraging the sbt-plugin ecosystem.


Add the plugin to projects/plugins.sbt

addSbtPlugin("com.github.ingarabr" % "sbt-cloud-functions" % "<version>")

The plugin has the following tasks:

Task Description
cloudFunctionRunLocally Run the function locally. The default port is 8080
cloudFunctionDeploy Deploy the function to the configured environment.


The plugin requires some information about the target environment and the function artifact.

The example below depends on sbt-assembly. You can change that to any other sbt-plugin that can create a fat-jar.


// The function class name.
cloudFunctionClass := "my.package.HelloFunction"

// The jar to deploy. Example using sbt-assembly
cloudFunctionJar := assembly.value

// Environment deployment configuration.
cloudFunctionDeployConfiguration := DeployConfiguration(
  functionName = "my-function",
  gcpProject = "my-google-project",
  gcpLocation = "us-central1",
  memoryMb = 512, // default value
  triggerHttp = true, // default value
  allowUnauthenticated = false, // default value
  runtime = "java11", // default value
  extraArgs = List.empty, // default value
  releaseChannel = ReleaseChannel.GA  // default value

// The port used when testing the function locally.
cloudFunctionPort := 8080 // default value

// Additional config. Usually not needed to change.
// Specify versions.
// cloudFunctionInvokerVersion := ""
// cloudFunctionFrameworkApiVersion "= ""

Limitations and improvements

  • Replace gcloud cli with google jars to make it easier to use.
  • Add support to deploy without making a fat-jar.
  • Autodetect the function class if it's only one.
  • Add verification of the function size limitation before deploying.