Cloudflare workers types

worker-types Scala version support

This is a very basic Scala.js 3 facade for Cloudflare Workers API.

It's generated using the amazing ScalablyTyped plugin, and published to Maven Central. No additional changes to generated facades are performed, and for now there are no extra abstractions on top of them.

Motivating sample:

import com.indoorvivants.cloudflare.cloudflareWorkersTypes.*
import com.indoorvivants.cloudflare.std
import scala.scalajs.js.annotation.JSExportTopLevel

type Params = std.Record[String, scala.Any]

@JSExportTopLevel(name = "onRequest", moduleID = "request_headers")
def request_headers(context: EventContext[Any, String, Params]) =
  val str = StringBuilder()
  context.request.headers.forEach { (_, value, key, _) =>
    str.append(s"Keys: $key, value: $value\n")
  global.Response("hello, world. Your request comes with \n" + str.result)


As it's a regular Scala.js library, just add this to your...

build.sbt file if you are using SBT

libraryDependencies += "com.indoorvivants.cloudflare" %%% "worker-types" % "3.3.0" if you are using Mill

def ivyDeps = Agg(

And start exploring!


  • Scala 3-only (you can easily publish your own Scala 2 bindings should you need them, or generate on demand)
  • Each release is tagged with the corresponding version of upstream definitions
  • As such, no semantic versioning or binary compatibility guarantees are provided
  • Have fun with it