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A fast and flexible update system.

Scala versions: 2.13


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When Minecraft developers create a launcher, they often use the S-Update system. Unfortunately, this system is outdated and unmaintained.

While discussing with Litarvan about it, I decided to create this system written in Scala.

I highly recommend to use Scala, but you can use any JVM Language like Java or Kotlin.



This system uses the xxHash32 algorithm to generate checksums. This operation is ~16.36x faster than md5.

Concurrent and lightweight

EnderChest uses Scala's futures and akka streams to asynchronously process data. The EnderChest's parallel system make data processing lightweight and reduce the memory footprint.


EnderChest (server & client) only requires Java 8+ to be installed.


Download the enderchest-server-xxxx.jarin the release section You now just need to run the server in an empty directory with permissions rwx using java -jar

Start the server for the first time will generate the config.yml file and the files directory. Now, you can put your files in the files directory, then reload/restart the server.


You just need to import the client library.

Using a build tool

I highly recommend developers to use a dependency management system like Gradle or SBT.

Using Gradle
repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'io.github.iltotore:ec-client_2.13:version'
Using SBT
libraryDependencies += "io.github.iltotore" %% "ec-client" % "version"

Using the local file

You can download the client-xxx-withDependencies.jar file in the releases tab, then simply add it to your IDE. Please not you must have the dependency in your classpath or directly in your archive.

You can now use EnderChest's client! See the wiki page for more informations



If you experience a bug/issue using EnderChest, you can create a new github issue.

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