iem-projects / lucrematrix   1.5.1


Operationalizing SysSon data matrices as reactive dataflow objects

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11


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Part of sonification platform SysSon. (C)opyright 2014–2017 Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics. (C)opyright 2014–2015 by Hanns Holger Rutz. All rights reserved. Published under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1+.


Builds with sbt 0.13 against Scala 2.12, 2.11. We now use NetCDF-4 v4.6.x which requires Java 7 (Java 6 is no longer supported).

You need to add the following resolver for the NetCDF library dependency to be found:

"Unidata Releases" at ""


Add the following dependency:

"at.iem" %% "lucrematrix" % v

The current stable version v is "1.5.1".

The last version based on NetCDF 4.3.22 supporting Java 6 is:

"de.sciss" %% "lucrematrix" % "0.12.0"