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Hydrosphere Mist

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Hydrosphere Mist is a serverless proxy for Spark cluster. Mist provides a new functional programming framework and deployment model for Spark applications.

Please see our quick start guide and documentation


  • Spark Function as a Service. Deploy Spark functions rather than notebooks or scripts.
  • Spark Cluster and Session management. Fully managed Spark sessions backed by on-demand EMR, Hortonworks, Cloudera, DC/OS and vanilla Spark clusters.
  • Typesafe programming framework that clearly defines inputs and outputs of every Spark job.
  • REST HTTP & Messaging (MQTT, Kafka) API for Scala & Python Spark jobs.
  • Multi-cluster mode: Seamless Spark cluster on-demand provisioning, autoscaling and termination(pending) Cluster of Spark Clusters

It creates a unified API layer for building enterprise solutions and microservices on top of a Spark functions.

Mist use cases

High Level Architecture

High Level Architecture


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