This service provides information about scala library dependencies across the platform.

Used by the catalogue-frontend service deployments page.

How it works

The service gathers the following information:

  • Dependencies from SBT build files read from github

    • Covers all HMRC repos, including services, libraries, prototypes
    • Limited to an allow-list of dependencies, doesn't cover transitive
    • Only shows the dependencies from the main branch
  • Dependencies included in a Slug

    • Covers all services that generate a slug
    • Includes all runtime dependencies used by service, including transitive
    • Shows dependencies across different releases of slug, not just latest
  • The Latest version found for any of the allow-listed dependencies

    • This is looked up periodically from Artifactory
    • It will be included in the dependencies returned for a Slug or Github repository. Identifying if the repositories dependencies are out of date.


The slug metadata updater is configured:

repositoryDependencies.slugJob.enabled           # enable polling of service deployments and updating of slug metadata
repositoryDependencies.slugJob.interval          # delay between polling service deployments

The latest version parser is configured:

dependencyVersionsReload.scheduler.enabled      # disable refreshing the latest version for the allow-listed dependencies
dependencyVersionsReload.scheduler.interval     # delay between refresh

Admin endpoints

As well as the configured scheduler, a refresh of the latest version for allow-listed dependencies can be initiated with: POST /reload-latest-versions


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License