MTD Identifier Lookup

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This protected micro-service processes authenticated requests to retrieve the MDT Income Tax identifier (MTD IT ID) for a NINO.

sbt "~run 9769"

Endpoint Definitions (APIs)

Lookup MTD IT ID using a related NINO

Method: GET

URL: /mtd-identifier-lookup/nino/:nino

Path Parameter Description
nino Then national insurance number for the user.

Query Parameters: N/A

Success Response

Status: OK (200)


Response Object
Data Item Type Mandatory
mtdbsa String Yes


Status: OK (200) Json Body:

  "mtdbsa": "XQIT00000000001"

Error Responses

HTTP Code Reason
400 Invalid nino supplied
403 Not authorised to perform operation
500 Downstream error


This service is written in Scala and Play, so needs at least a [JRE] to run.

Running the application

Running from Nexus/Bintray

To update from Nexus and start all services from the RELEASE version instead of snapshot

sm --start MTD_ID_LOOKUP -f

To manually run the application locally:

Kill the service sm --stop MTD_ID_LOOKUP (if it's already running). Then run:

sbt 'run 9769'

Testing the application

To test the application fully (Unit Tests, Component Tests (integration), Scala Style Checker and Scala Coverage report) execute:

sbt clean scalastyle coverage test it:test coverageOff coverageReport

(To run only a subset of the tests ommit the desired sbt options accordingly)


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License