Annual Tax for Enveloped Dwellings Subscription microservice

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This service provides the ability for UK-based or Non-UK based ATED clients (or agents on behalf of clients) to subscribe to ATED service on ETMP. They must be registered to ETMP as per the ROSM pattern.

Subscribe to ATED

The request must be a valid json for below uri

PATH Supported Methods Description
/org/:org/subscribe POST subscribe to ATED
/agent/:ac/subscribe POST subscribe a NON-UK based client to ATED via agent


Parameter Message
org Org-Id
ac AgentCode

Example of usage for individual or Agent

POST /org/123456789/subscribe

POST /agent/123456789/subscribe

Request body

"acknowledgmentReference": "12345678901234567890123456789012",
"safeId": "XE0001234567890",
"address": [
    "name1": "Joe",
    "name2": "bloggs",
    "addressDetails": {
      "addressType": "Correspondence",
      "addressLine1": "address-line-1",
      "addressLine2": "address-line-2",
      "addressLine3": "address-line-3",
      "addressLine4": "Newcastle",
      "postalCode": "AB1 4CD",
      "countryCode": "GB"
    "contactDetails": {
      "telephone": "01234567890",
      "eMailAddress": ""


Status Message
200 Ok
400 Bad Request
404 Not Found
500 Internal Server Error
503 Service Unavailable
 "atedRefNumber": "XY1234567890123",
 "formBundleNumber": "123456789012345"
Parameter Message
atedRefNumber ATED subsciption id for client generated when subscribed


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.