guymers / foobie   0.14.8

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Functional JDBC layer for Scala

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13

foobie is a fork of doobie that aims to try and keep source compatability.

Currently contains the following changes:

  • Read and Write derivation is now opt-in via import doobie.util.Read.Auto.* and import doobie.util.Write.Auto.*
  • Java time instances are available without an explicit import
  • removed Scala 2.12 support along with *IO implicits in doobie.implicit.* import
  • PostGIS instances have been moved to the new postgis module and are available under doobie.postgis.instances.{geography,geometry}
  • LogHandler has been removed. Override interpreters if you want to log things.
  • removed WeakAsync, a ConnectionIO is pretty much always a database transaction and should not be mixed with an IO implementation
  • Requires Java 11

To use add at least the core module to your project:

"io.github.guymers" %% "foobie-core" % <version>