Examples of reactive programming in REScala


A set of mutually independant example applications which are all runnable with the REScala library: https://github.com/guidosalva/REScala

The examples in the "examples-reswing" project also use our RESwing library: https://github.com/guidosalva/RESwing

examples.bouncing: A graphical application of a bouncing ball, with different implementations

examples.catchup: A graphical application using the mouse position as a reactive value

examples.clickcounter: A GUI application counting clicks

examples.continuous: The elevator application using continuous time

examples.datastructures: Examples illustrating reactive datastructures

examples.elevator: A graphical elevator application

examples.fisheye A graphical application illustrating an OSX-like "fisheye" effect

examples.followmouse: A graphical application using the mouse position as a reactive value


examples.meanwindow: An application illustrating the use of event windows

examples.path: A graphical application for drawing lines

examples.pong: A graphical application implementing a pong-game against the computer, controlled with the mouse

examples.range: The range example, illustrating the usage of reativity for functional dependancies

examples.smashingparticles: A simple graphical application illustrating particles

examples.tempconverter: A GUI application converting temperatures

examples.timer: Tests regarding the Timer functionality

examples.timeElapsing: Tests regarding the Timer functionality

== RESwing dependant projects ==

examples.dropdown: GUI example of various dropdown applications, e.g. to illustrate the "unwrap" interface function