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Content-api thrift models

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

Content API Thrift models

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Version Info


  • This release imports the sbt-scrooge-typescript 1.4.0 sbt plugin which has the potential to introduce some breaking changes for generated typescript mappings via thrift 0.13.0, specifically related to the handling of Int64 data.

Publishing a new release

This repository has a Github Action that will create new releases for Sonatype and NPM when a new release is created in Github.

  • Push the branch with the changes you want to release to Github.
  • Begin creating a new release (here's a quick link.)
  • Set the Target to your branch.
  • Create a tag:
    • For a production release, the tag should be the new version number, e.g. vX.X.X. Beta releases are production releases – for example v1.0.0-beta.0.
    • For a snapshot release, the tag should ideally have the format vX.X.X-SNAPSHOT.
  • If you are intending to release a snapshot, double-check that the "Set as pre-release" box is ticked.
  • Click the "Publish release" button. The action will trigger, and your release should be on its way.

To release a package from your local machine, follow the instructions for publishing a new version to Maven Central via Sonatype.

Information about built bundles

The content-api-models project builds the following bundles:

  • content-api-models-scala - A jar containing Scrooge generated class files based on the Thrift definitions of the content api models found in the content-api-models dependency.

  • content-api-models-json - A jar containing Json serializers and deserializers. Used internally by the content api and also by the content-api-scala-client to convert from Elasticsearch returned json to the Scrooge-generated Thrift classes. As a client you should never need to depend on this explicitly, although you may have a transitive dependency on it if using the content-api-scala-client.

  • content-api-models - A jar containing the Thrift definitions of the content api models only. As a client it is unlikely that you should ever need to depend on this but rather use the content-api-models-scala dependency instead.

  • @guardian/content-api-models - An npm package containing the generated models and their type definitions.

Publishing locally

To publish a snapshot version locally.

sbt +publishLocal