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Libraries for creating, publishing and managing content atoms

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

Atom maker libraries Release

This repository contains two libraries for creating, publishing and managing content atoms.

You should first define your new content atom model by adding it here. For the atoms to appear in capi you will also have to make necessary changes to capi (this process will be simplified and documented soon).

An example of a project that uses these libraries to manage atoms can be found here.

Atom-publisher-lib atom-publisher-lib Scala version support

  • Provides that traits you an inject in your application

PublishedStore and PreviewDataStore

  • Functionality for getting, creating, listing and updating atoms
  • You will need to provide these with a AmazonDynamoDBClient and the names of your published and preview dynamo tables, and your new content atom definition.

class PublishedMyAtomDataStoreProvider @Inject() (myConfig: AWSConfig)
    extends Provider[PublishedDataStore] {
        def get = new PublishedDynamoDataStore(myConfig.dynamoClient, myConfig.publishedDynamoTableName)

class PreviewMyAtomDataStoreProvider @Inject() (awsConfig: AWSConfig)
    extends Provider[PreviewDataStore] {
        def get = new PreviewDynamoDataStore(myConfig.dynamoClient, myConfig.dynamoTableName)


Examples of use:

Get a published atom

publishedDataStore.getAtom(id) match {
    case Some(atom) => //Do something with the published atom
    case None => //Handle not finding published atom

Create a new atom

      case IDConflictError => //Handle id conflict error
      case _ => //Handle unknown error
    _ => //Do someting with the new atom

LiveAtomPublisher and PreviewAtomPublisher

  • Publishes content atoms to live or preview kinesis streams
  • You will need to provide these with a kinesis client and the names of live and preview kinesis streams you want to publish to and a kinesis client
import javax.inject.{Inject, Provider}


class LiveAtomPublisherProvider @Inject() (myConfig)
  extends Provider[LiveAtomPublisher] {
    def get() = new LiveKinesisAtomPublisher(myConfig.liveKinesisStreamName, myConfig.kinesisClient)

  class PreviewAtomPublisherProvider @Inject() ()
    extends Provider[PreviewAtomPublisher] {
      def get() = new PreviewKinesisAtomPublisher(myConfig.previewKinesisStreamName, myConfig.kinesisClient)


Examples of use

import{ContentAtomEvent, EventType, Atom}

//ContentAtomEvent and Atom models are provided by the content atom library
val atom: Atom = functionToParseAtomFromData(data)
val event = ContentAtomEvent(atom, EvenType.Update, now())
previewPublisher.publishAtomEvent(event) match {
  case Success(_)  => //Handle publishing successfully
  case Failure(err) => //Handle error in publishing

PreviewAtomReindexer and PublishedAtomReindexer

  • Used to reindex preview and live atoms
  • You will need to provide these with a kinesis client, and live and preview reindex kinesis stream name, which are usually the same as the live and preview kinesis streams.
  • atom-manager-play-lib provides a reindex controller utilising these (see below).
class PreviewAtomReindexerProvider @Inject() (myConfig)
    extends Provider[PreviewAtomReindexer] {
        def get() = new PreviewKinesisAtomReindexer(
            myConfig.previewKinesisReindexStreamName, myConfig.kinesisClient

class PublishedAtomReindexerProvider @Inject() (myConfig)
    extends Provider[PublishedAtomReindexer] {
        def get() = new PublishedKinesisAtomReindexer(
            myConfig.publishedKinesisReindexStreamName, myConfig.kinesisClient



Atom-manager-play-lib atom-manager-play Scala version support

  • Sits on top of atom-publisher-lib
  • Provides methods for publishing and reindexing atoms


  • You can use the reindex controller to create and view reindex jobs:
POST    /reindex-preview      
POST    /reindex-publish      
GET     /reindex-preview      
GET     /reindex-publish      


  • Provides a method for publishing the atom is in the AtomAPIActions trait.
  • This method will publish your atom in your live kinesis stream and save it in your published atoms dynamo table.

In your controller:

package controllers

import play.api.mvc._

//The data stores and publishers and provided by `atom-publisher-lib` library and are used by AtomAPIActions

class MyAtomController @Inject()  (val previewDataStore: PreviewDataStore,
                                   val publishedDataStore: PublishedDataStore,
                                   val livePublisher: LiveAtomPublisher,
                                   val previewPublisher: PreviewAtomPublisher)
    extends AtomAPIActions

In your routes file:

POST    /api/atom/:id/publish           controllers.MyAtomController.publishAtom(id)

Publishing a new release

This repo uses gha-scala-library-release-workflow to automate publishing releases (both full & preview releases) - see Making a Release.