Relay Modern Tools for Scala.js Folks

There are three parts to this.

  • Relay Compiler Language for SJS - relay-compiler-language-scalajs details
  • Sbt plugin - addSbtPlugin("com.dispalt.relay" % "sbt-relay-compiler" % "<version>") which handles code generation sbt hooks
  • Scala.js runtime (plain scalajs) - "com.dispalt.relay" %%% "relay-macro" % "<version>" which handles the runtime, which is very small (intentionally).
  • Slinky relay module - "com.dispalt.relay" %%% "slinky-relay" % "<version>"

Change log

Dev Notes

  • call release to deploy everything, you'll need a GPG key, and Sonatype credentials handy
  • call slinky-relay-ijext/updateIntelliJ