FS2 Scalaz: Interoperability between FS2 and Scalaz

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This library provides an interoperability layer between FS2 and Scalaz. At this time, the API of this library is two imports:

import fs2.interop.scalaz._         // Provides conversions from FS2 to Scalaz (e.g., FS2 Monad to Scalaz Monad)
                                    // as well as `Async` and `Async.Run` instances for Scalaz `Task`
import fs2.interop.scalaz.reverse._ // Provides conversions from Scalaz to FS2 (e.g., Scalaz Monad to FS2 Monad)

Note: importing both of these in to the same lexical scope may cause issues with ambiguous implicits.

Where to get the latest version

// available for Scala 2.11.11 / 2.12.4 + Scalaz 7.2.16
libraryDependencies += "co.fs2" %% "fs2-scalaz" % "0.3.0"

// available for Scala 2.11.8 / 2.12.0 + Scalaz 7.2.7
libraryDependencies += "co.fs2" %% "fs2-scalaz" % "0.2.0"