fp-in-bo / jms4s   0.4.0

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A functional wrapper for jms

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

jms4s - a functional wrapper for jms

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Nobody really wants to use jms, but if you have no choice or you're not like us you may find this useful.

Supported features:

  • Consuming, returning a never-ending cancellable program that can concurrently consume from a queue

    • createQueueTransactedConsumer
    • createQueueAckConsumer
    • createQueueAutoAckConsumer
  • Publishing, returning a program which can publish messages

    • createQueuePublisher
    • createTopicPublisher
  • Consuming and Publishing within the same local transaction

Is it production ready™?

You're asking the wrong question.

But yes, this is currenlty used to process millions of messages per day in large scale production systems.

Quick Start

To use jms4s in an existing SBT project with Scala 2.12 or a later version, add the following dependencies to your build.sbt depending on your provider:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "dev.fpinbo" %% "jms4s-active-mq-artemis" % "<version>", // if your provider is activemq-artemis
  "dev.fpinbo" %% "jms4s-ibm-mq"            % "<version>"  // if your provider is ibmmq

Local dev

run tests

  • docker-compose up -d
  • sbt test


  • build site
docker run \
  -v $PWD:/$PWD \
  -v ~/.sbt:/root/.sbt \
  -v ~/.ivy2:/root/.ivy2 \
  -v ~/.m2:/root/.m2 \
  -v ~/.coursier:/root/.coursier \
  -w /$PWD \
  -it k3vin/sbt-java8-jekyll \
  sbt site/clean site/makeMicrosite
  • run at localhost:4000/jms4s/
docker run \
  -v $PWD:/$PWD \
  -w /$PWD/site/target/site \
  -p 4000:4000 \
  -it k3vin/sbt-java8-jekyll \
  jekyll serve -b /jms4s --host