sbt-package-locker Scala version support


sbt-package-locker is a sbt plugin to lock specific lib version, it's aimed to be a part of CI step. The goal is simple: Fail if the library version is not supported by organization rules.


add as dependency project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("io.github.fp-flagellant" % "sbt-package-locker" % "<version>")


sbt "checkPackages <MY-RULES-FILE>"

<MY-RULES-FILE> is a config file described in json

Config file example:

    "organization": "com.typesafe.akka",
    "version": "2.6.20",
    "modules": [


  • version is the specific version which will be the latest version you'd like to see in this project
  • modules check this modules in specified organization