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MOVED - The project is still under development but this page is deprecated.

Scala versions: 2.10

NOTICE - This project has moved.

It is now part of Foursquare's open source monorepo and all future work will be published there.

The project very much lives on but this Github repo is deprecated.


Spindle is a Scala code generator for Thrift. The complete documentation lives here.


Because Spindle is a code generator, it needs to plug into your build system.

If you're using sbt 0.12, you can use Spindle's thrift-codegen-plugin. In your project/plugins.sbt, add the following line:

addSbtPlugin("com.foursquare" % "spindle-codegen-plugin" % "1.8.3")

Then, in the build.sbt for the project with the *.thrift files to compile, add the following line:

seq(thriftSettings: _*)

By default, the plugin will compile all *.thrift sources in src/main/thrift, though this is configurable.

Keep in mind that this will add a few library dependencies to your project. Currently, this includes spindle-runtime, apache thrift, joda-time, jackson, rogue-field, finagle-thrift, and scalaj-collection. If you need a specific version of any of these dependencies, the plugin can be configured to use those.


The latest release is 1.8.3. See the changelog for more details.

Major changes in 1.8.x:

  • Support for hashed, 2dsphere and text indices
  • Map support in TReadableJSONProtocol
  • TBSONProtocol improvements
  • Unknown field handling for forwards-compatibility
  • Codegen newtype implicits
  • Groundwork for optional proxy generation
  • Hooks for alternateFk


Apache thrift, joda-time, jackson, rogue-field, finagle-thrift, and scalaj-collection.


Spindle was initially developed by Foursquare Labs for internal use. Many people have contributed:

  • Adam Powslowsky
  • Ben Lee
  • Benjy Weinberger
  • Daniel Harrison
  • Daniel Salinas
  • David Blackman
  • David Taylor
  • Jackson Davis
  • Jason Liszka
  • Jorge Ortiz
  • Matthew Rathbone
  • Neil Sanchala
  • Tom Dyas

Further contributions welcome!