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A bot that automatically merges your pull requests based on configurable conditions.

Scala versions: 3.x


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eMERGEnce is a bot that helps you to get rid of all your emerged pull requests automatically based on configurable conditions.


The full documentation can be found here.


To install eMERGEnce as an executable you can use coursier's install command. The only thing you have to do is to run:

coursier install --channel http://coursier.fgrutsch.com emergence

To get a list of available options run: emergence --help and you should get the following output:

Usage: emergence --config <path> --vcs-type <bitbucket-cloud> --vcs-api-host <uri> --vcs-login <string> --git-ask-pass <path> [--repo-config-name <string>]

eMERGEnce <version>

Options and flags:
        Display this help text.
    --version, -v
        Print the version number and exit.
    --config <path>
        The path to the eMERGEnce run config file.
    --vcs-type <bitbucket-cloud>
        The type of VCS you want to run eMERGEnce.
    --vcs-api-host <uri>
        The base URI for VCS api calls. e.g. https://api.bitbucket.org/2.0
    --vcs-login <string>
        The username for authenticating VCS API calls.
    --git-ask-pass <path>
        The path to the executable script file that returns your VCS secret for authenticating VCS API calls.
    --repo-config-name <string>
        The name/path of the eMERGEnce config file inside the repository. Default: .emergence.yml

An example command might look like this (depending on the selected VCS type):

emergence \
    --config "/opt/emergence/run-config.yml" \
    --vcs-type "bitbucket-cloud" \
    --vcs-api-host "https://api.bitbucket.org/2.0" \
    --vcs-login ${BITBUCKET_USERNAME} \ 
    --git-ask-pass "/opt/emergence/git-ask-pass.sh"

For full documentation and how to run it via docker please check the link above.


The code of this project is heavily inspired and based on fthomas's awesome scala-steward project. Go check it out!



This code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.