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Play! Framework plugin with actuator routes that gives you infos about application uptime. You may consider some indicators to define what is Up or Down for your (check more info at Health endpoint details).

This project is inspired by Spring Boot Actuator architecture (Check this post to know more about it) .

How to use?


You can import as a project dependency in your build.sbt file.

  libraryDependencies ++= "io.github.felipebonezi" %% "play-actuator" % "(version)"

After that, you need to configure play.actuator.ActuatorRouter into project conf/routes file.

->      /actuator      play.actuator.ActuatorRouter

Run your project and check Actuators endpoints - e.g. /actuator/health.

Actuator endpoints

Below we have all project endpoints available on this project.

Endpoint ID Description Path Ready to use?
health Displays your application’s health status. /actuator/health ✔️
info Displays information about your application. /actuator/info ✔️
logfile Returns the contents of the log file. /actuator/logfile ✖️

Health endpoint details

You can check all health indicators by simple activating each configuration.

Disk Space Indicator

Show to you the total, free and usable disk space.

No need of any extra dependency, it's under the hood. = true

Database Indicator

Show to you information about your database using JDBC or Slick connection. = true

It depends on which dependency indicator you'll use. You need to choose only one dependency to work with!


  libraryDependencies ++= "io.github.felipebonezi" %% "play-actuator-jdbc-indicator" % "(version)"


  libraryDependencies ++= "io.github.felipebonezi" %% "play-actuator-slick-indicator" % "(version)"

Redis Indicator

Show to you information about your Redis connection. For now, it only works with play-redis as your connector. = true

  libraryDependencies ++= "io.github.felipebonezi" %% "play-actuator-redis-indicator" % "(version)"

Info endpoint details

You can enable to get all operational system info inside the JSON return by /actuator/info route. Default is disabled. = true

Scala compatibility

This project is compatible with Scala 2.12 and 2.13, so you need to use the right version. Be aware that we're considering to drop 2.12 compatibility, so, we advise you to use 2.13 as your preferred version.

Sponsors & Backers

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Thank you to all our backers on OpenCollective!