executioner1939 / zio-auth0   0.2.0

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A simple ZIO wrapper around the Auth0 Java SDK

Scala versions: 2.13

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NB This Project is not yet complete


This library serves to be a simple wrapper around the Auth0 Java SDK, this is comptabile with the version 2 API which can be found here: Auth0 Management API V2

The current state of the wrapper means it's mostly suitable for interacting with the Users, Roles, and Permissions endpoints. once this is complete the rest of the endpoints will be implemented.

Implementation Status

The status of each of the API endpoints is documented below:


API Implementation Status
Connections Done
Organizations TODO
Roles Done
User Blocks Done
Users Done
Users By Email Done
Blacklists TODO
Stats TODO
Tenants TODO
Anomaly TODO
Tickets Done


API Implementation Status
Client Grants TODO
Clients TODO
Custom Domains TODO
Device Credentials TODO
Grants TODO
Hooks TODO
Log Streams TODO
Prompts TODO
Resource Servers TODO
Rules TODO
Rules Config TODO
Actions TODO
Attack Protection TODO
Blacklists TODO
Guardian TODO
Stats TODO
Tenants TODO
Anomaly TODO
Admin TODO


Milestone 1

The first milestone will be to wrap the Auth0 Java SDK completely, providing a more Scala / ZIO like experience while working with it.

Milestone 2

The second Milestone will be replacing the underlying Java SDK with a ZIO STTP Client, you will need to provide your own BodySerializer instance to use with STTP therefore allowing you to choose which JSON library you would like to use for processing.

Using STTP will also mean you can use whatever HTTP Client implementation you feel comfortable with.