erebusit / dyndblocal-testkit   0.1.1


Provides an easy-to-use wrapper around DynamoDBLocal for simple setup & use in Scala unit tests.

Scala versions: 2.13


libraryDependencies += "se.erebusit" %% "dyndblocal-testkit" % "<version>" % Test

This will include the DynamoDB local dependency. Other dependencies that are required but not included are org.scalatest:scalatest and


The basic idea is to extend the DynamoDbInMemory trait and then call dbClient to get the DynamoDbClient implementation, which you then can inject into your tested class.

If you want to clear the table between each test, extend BeforeAndAfterEach and call createTable/deleteTable in their respective methods. Since the dbClient method returns a DynamoDbClient implementation, you can provision your tables and do everything as if you were calling the real service.

import io.quickci.dyndb.testkit.DynamoDbInMemory
import org.scalatest.BeforeAndAfterEach

class MyDbTest
  extends AnyFlatSpec
    with DynamoDbInMemory
    with BeforeAndAfterEach {
  override def beforeEach(): Unit = {
      Key("PK", "S", "HASH"),
      Some(Key("SK", "S", "RANGE"))

  override def afterEach(): Unit = {

  it should "do db testing" in {
    val inMemoryClient = dbClient
    val myDb = new MyDbClass(inMemoryClient)
    // Test code //

Native libs

This library requires native libs for SqlLite to be able to function. These are expected to be found in the native-libs folder in your module directory. To create these files, add this to your module build.sbt:

val sqlite4java = "1.0.392"
libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "com.almworks.sqlite4java" % "sqlite4java" % sqlite4java % "test",
  "com.almworks.sqlite4java" % "sqlite4java-win32-x86" % sqlite4java % "test",
  "com.almworks.sqlite4java" % "sqlite4java-win32-x64" % sqlite4java % "test",
  "com.almworks.sqlite4java" % "libsqlite4java-osx" % sqlite4java % "test",
  "com.almworks.sqlite4java" % "libsqlite4java-linux-i386" % sqlite4java % "test",
  "com.almworks.sqlite4java" % "libsqlite4java-linux-amd64" % sqlite4java % "test"
) // Remove the dependencies for the architectures and OS:es you don't need

lazy val copyJars = taskKey[Unit]("copyJars")
copyJars := {
  import java.nio.file.Files
  val artifactTypes = Set("dylib", "so", "dll")
  val files = Classpaths.managedJars(Test, artifactTypes, update.value).files
  val nativelibsDir = s"${baseDirectory.value}${File.separator}native-libs"
  Files.createDirectories(new File(nativelibsDir).toPath)
  files.foreach { f =>
    val fileToCopy = new File(nativelibsDir,
    if (!fileToCopy.exists()) {
      Files.copy(f.toPath, fileToCopy.toPath)
(Compile / compile) := (Compile / compile).dependsOn(copyJars).value

If you wish to store these in another location than native-libs, modify the path in the text above and tell the testkit to look for them in your directory by using the configuration keys documented further down.

Configurable properties

Configuration values will be determined in the following priority:

  1. System properties
  2. Environment variables
  3. Default values
System property Environment variable Type Default Description
dyndb.server.port DYN_DB_PORT Int 8000 Sets the port on which the server will bind
sqlite4java.library.path DYN_DB_NATIVELIBS String native-libs Location of the native library files for sqlite


  • Support for global indexes
  • Support for secondary local indexes