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Release process

On version numbers

This project uses the sbt-dynver plugin in order to generate its version number. See the plugin documentation for more details. Our behavior for snapshot versions is slightly different than the plugin default however: in particular, commits that are not tagged with a version tag are considered snapshots. Moreover, snapshot versions have '-SNAPSHOT' appended to their sbt-dynver generated version number, so that they can be pushed to

Publishing artifacts

Every time the build runs successfully, it uploads the created project binaries

  • In case isSnapshot is true, the build is a snapshot (development) build. The build artifacts will be uploaded to
  • In case isSnapshot is true, then the build is a release version. The build artifacts will be uploaded to Bintray, with the release version matching the project version

Creating a release

We always create the next release version from the current commit on master.

  • Make sure the commit you want to release is pushed to the upstream repo
  • Start by creating a new version tag for the current commit locally git tag -a v[my-release-number-here] -m "my tag message"
  • Push your newly created tag to the upstream repo