emartech / rdb-connector-collection   0.1.1


Collection of the open rdb connectors

Scala versions: 2.12

Rdb - connector - collection

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Defines a Connector trait, that every connector should implement. Contains the common logic, case classes and some default implementations, that may be overwritten by specific connectors and may use functions implemented in the connectors. (eg. validation)


Contains general test implementations, that may be used in connectors to test connector specific behavior. When applied on a given connector, all the test assertions should be fulfilled assuming correct implementation.


Implements the general database connector trait, and contains bigquery/mssql/mysql/postgresql/redshift specific implementation.

Creating a release

Choose the appropriate version number (you can list the tags with git tag -l), then create and push a git tag, prefixed with v. To create a signed, ful tag object:

$ git tag -s v1.2.0
$ git push --tag

To create an unsigned, ful tag object:

$ git tag -a v1.2.0
$ git push --tag

After pushing the tag, while it is not strictly necessary, please draft a release on github with this tag too.

Test databases

Two of the databases used for IT tests are hosted on external services:

  • Redshift on AWS
  • BigQuery on GCP


Hosted on AWS. Sign in via http://sso.emarsys.com/.
Region: eu-central-1
Cluster: rdb-router-test

! Redshift is paused automatically outside working hours !

If you would like to use it when it isn't running, feel free to start it anytime.


  • resume on every weekday at 06:00 (CET)
  • pause on every weekday at 18:00 (CET)