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SBT version of frontend-maven-plugin

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

NOTE: Logging does not work in the current released version, Everyting works but the logs are not displayed. This is due to sbt-slf4j not working properly. In order to make working on it easier, I've copied the files from sbt-slf4j directly into this project on branch tcn_sbt1. However, I have still not gotten it to work, so I've pretty much abandoned it. Please feel free to send a PR if you get it working.


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SBT plugin for managing frontend code (node and npm, grunt, gulp, bower, etc.)

SBT version of frontend-maven-plugin.

From the readme:

This plugin downloads/installs Node and NPM locally for your project, runs NPM install, and then any combination of Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Jspm, Karma, or Webpack. It's supposed to work on Windows, OS X and Linux.


Add the following to your project/plugins.sbt file:

resolvers += Resolver.jcenterRepo
addSbtPlugin("com.eltimn" % "sbt-frontend" % "1.1.0")

Note: if you're using an SBT version < 1.0.0, use v0.3.0 of this library.

Enable the plugin in your build.sbt file with:



Upon loading SBT, Node and npm/yarn with be automatically installed locally. Also, if package.json was modified since the last time SBT was loaded, npm install or yarn install will be called. The same goes for bower.json, if it exists.

If you want to use Yarn instead of NPM, set the nodePackageManager setting in your build.sbt file:

nodePackageManager := sbtfrontend.NodePackageManager.Yarn

The plugin makes available the following InputTasks. Note that you must first install any apps you want to use with npm install or yarn add.

Input Task Description
npm Runs npm commands
yarn Runs yarn commands
bower Runs bower commands
grunt Runs grunt commands
gulp Runs gulp commands
jspm Runs jspm commands
karma Runs karma commands
webpack Runs webpack commands
ember Runs ember commands
webjars Extracts webjar assets from classpath jars

Since these are InputTasks you can call them with command line arguments. E.g.:

sbt> npm install gulp --save-dev
sbt> bower install
sbt> gulp build

To create a standard Task using one of the InputTasks, use the following:

val myTask = taskKey[Unit]("My task")
myTask := gulp.toTask(" build").value

This is equivalent to gulp build.

Other Tasks

Task Description
nodeInstall Installs Node and npm. Runs automatically at startup.
frontendCleanDeps Remove frontend dependencies (node_modules and bower_components). Must reload project afterwards.
frontendCleanAll Remove Node, NPM, and dependencies. Must reload project afterwards.

The following FrontendKeys are also available:

Setting Description
frontendFactory The FrontendFactory instance
nodeVersion The version of Node.js to install
npmVersion The version of NPM to install
yarnVersion The version of Yarn to install
nodeInstallDirectory The base directory for installing node and npm
nodeWorkingDirectory The base directory for running node and npm
nodeDownloadRoot Where to download Node.js binary from
npmDownloadRoot Where to download NPM binary from
yarnDownloadRoot Where to download Yarn binary from
nodeProxies Seq of proxies for downloader
nodePackageManagerInstallCmd Node Package manager project installation command


See the lift-extras-example project for an example project that uses sbt-frontend.


Most of the heavy lifting is done by frontend-maven-plugin.

This project was also inspired by:




Published under Apache 2.0