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DirSuite add-on for ScalaTest | Mirror, please use https://gitlab.com/e257/testing/dirsuite for issues and PRs

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13

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DirSuite test framework and add-on for ScalaTest

This is DirSuite add-on to ScalaTest. DirSuite can run (huge) collection of tests which are defined on filesystem. Arguments, inputs and expected reference output files are defined in the test directory.



Dependency settings for SBT are:

libraryDependencies += "fi.e257.testing" %% "dirsuite" % "version-number"

DirSuite artifacts are released on Maven Central Repository.

For release information and version history details, see CHANGELOG. For Upgrade instructions, see UPGRADE.

Contributing to DirSuite

Contributions to the project are welcome. See CONTRIBUTING how you could help.

Your pull requests and patches can be merged only if you can certify the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), Version 1.1.

By signing-off your commit you certify DCO and acknowlegde that you have the rights to submit your pull requsted or patch as an open-source contribution, as stated in Developer Certificate of Origin.

Certifying DCO is done by adding a Signed-off-by line to every git commit message:

Signed-off-by: gitlab-account <[email protected]>

If you set your user.name and user.email correctly in git config, then git will automatically include that line for you with git commit -s. You can also create a git commit.template with appropriate content. These settings can be done per repository basis, so they don’t have to be globally set in your system.

Please make sure that you sign-off all your PR’s commits.


Without ScalaTest this project would not exists. See THANKS for full list of credits.


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