Utility classes for testing in Scala

Scala Test Utilities


See the submodules’ READMEs for more information on what features are available.

Submodule Description Artifact Name
Core Common utilities with minimal dependencies "com.dwolla" %% "testutils" % {version}
ScalaTest with fs2 Async FlatSpec-style helpers for testing fs2 Streams or logic in the cats-effect IO monad "com.dwolla" %% "testutils-scalatest-fs2" % {version}
Specs2 Various matchers and guards for testing with Specs2 "com.dwolla" %% "testutils-specs2" % {version}
Specs2 with Akka Specs2, with additional Akka helpers "com.dwolla" %% "testutils-specs2-akka" % {version}