Precompile ember.js templates as part of the SBT asset pipeline.

This plugin is compatible with ember.js 1.10 and later, since the introduction of HTMLBars. For ember.js versions 1.9 and older, use version 1.0 of this plugin.


Add this line to your project's plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.dwickern" % "sbt-emberjs" % "2.0.1")

Configure your build.sbt with the path to ember-template-compiler.js in your ember.js distribution:

EmberjsKeys.emberjsPrecompiler := baseDirectory.value / "js" / "ember-template-compiler.js"

Once configured, any *.handlebars or *.hbs files placed in app/assets/templates will be compiled to JavaScript code in target/web/public.

The relative path is used as the template name, for example app/assets/templates/navigation/header.handlebars will be compiled to a template named navigation/header.

To change the directory where templates are located:

sourceDirectory in EmberjsKeys.emberjs in Assets := (sourceDirectory in Assets).value / "my-templates"


Copyright 2014 Derek Wickern

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