Asynchronous Scala Clients for Amazon Web Services

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Asynchronous Scala Clients for Amazon Web Services

Asynchronous clients are provided for the following services:

  • DynamoDB
  • CloudWatch
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Simple Email Service (SES)
  • SimpleDB
  • Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Simple Queue Service (SQS)


aws-wrap is built for both Scala 2.10.x and 2.11.x against AWS Java SDK 1.10.x (for AWS Java SDK 1.9.x and 1.8.x series, use the 0.7.3 and 0.6.4 releases of aws-wrap, respectively). Binary releases are available from Bintray.

If you are using SBT, simply add the following to your build.sbt file:

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("dwhjames", "maven")

libraryDependencies += "com.github.dwhjames" %% "aws-wrap" % "0.8.0"


Copyright © 2012-2015 Pellucid Analytics. Copyright © 2015 Daniel W. H. James.

This software is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.