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Library for reporting service call traces

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

This project has been merged into driver-core (module core-reporting).

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Driver Tracing Library

A vendor-neutral tracing library for Akka-HTTP.

This library provides tracing directives for Akka-HTTP. It specifies common client abstractions and implementations that may be used with different tracing solutions, such as Google Stackdriver Tracing.

Getting Started

Driver tracing is published to maven central as a standard Scala library. Include it in sbt by adding the following snippet to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "xyz.driver" %% "tracing" % "<latest version>"


The library provides tracing directives which may be used to track and report traces accross multiple, nested service calls.

import xyz.driver.tracing._
import xyz.driver.tracing.TracingDirectives._

val tracer = new LoggingTracer(println)

val route =
  // report how long any request to this service takes
  trace(tracer) {
    path("my-service-endpoint") {
      get {
        // include a sub-trace with a custom name
        trace(tracer, Some("complex-call")) {
          // do something that takes time
    } ~
    path("proxy-service-endpoint") {
      // extract tracing headers so they may be injected into nested requests
      extractTraceHeaders{ headers =>
        // call external service with the existing parent tracing headers

Tracing Backends

Various tracing aggregation backends are provided out of the box.


The LoggingTracer simply logs any traces locally.

Google Stackdriver Tracing

The GoogleTracer interacts with the Google Stack Driver API, as described here:


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