dialogs / sbt-dialog-api   0.0.14

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


SBT plugin to generate code from json Dialog API Schema


Adding the plugin dependency

In your project, create a file for plugin library dependencies project/plugins.sbt and add the following lines:

addSbtPlugin("im.dlg" % "sbt-dialog-api" % "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT")

The dependency to "com.google.protobuf" % "protobuf-java" is not automatically added to the any of scopes.

Importing sbt-dialog-api settings

To actually "activate" the plugin, its settings need to be included in the build.

import im.dlg.SbtDialogApi

Seq(SbtDialogApi.settings: _*)
import sbt._

import im.dlg.SbtDialogApi

object MyBuild extends Build {
  lazy val myproject = MyProject(
    id = "myproject",
    base = file("."),
    settings = Defaults.defaultSettings ++ SbtDialogApi.settings ++ Seq(
        /* custom settings here */

Compiling schema

Execute dialog-schema-generate in sbt.