denisrosset / consolidate   0.1.2

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Data consolidation algebra for Scala

Scala versions: 2.11

Consolidate Scala library

This library offers consolidate of immutable data, through the Merge[A] typeclass (which can be autoderived with optional validation) and the Result[A] result type.

After merging a current piece of data (lhs) with a new piece rhs using lhs merge rhs, the result is:

  • Same(lhs) if rhs does not offer additional information,
  • Update(m, updates) if rhs has new information, with m the merged result and updates is a non-empty list of changes,
  • Failed(errors) if lhs and rhs are incompatible, and errors is a non-empty list of errors.

Merge[A] is an ApplicativeError, which accumulates updates and errors.

The default Merge typeclass implementation is Merge.fromEquals, that compares lhs and rhs and returns Same(lhs) when lhs == rhs and Failed(errors) otherwise.

Implementation are provided for Map[String, V] (by completing the map entries, and merging the values when both lhs and rhs provide a key), Option (by taking the Some entry, and merging both Some when applicable), Set (by taking the union of sets).