Definiti - typescript model

This project is the generator of typescript model (interfaces and verifications) of the Definiti language. Its objective is to take the Definiti AST and convert into a typescript AST. It is a plugin of the Definiti language, used in definiti-core.


Build Status

Getting start

If you want to use the language, please go to: This project is the implementation of the typescript model generator, not the whole system.

Clone the repository:

$ git clone [email protected]:definiti/definiti-ts-model.git

Go into the project and launch sbt:

$ cd definiti-ts-model
$ sbt test

It will compile the project and run tests.

Roadmap and contribution

If you want to know the roadmap or contribute to the project, please see Issues and Projects.

If you want more information about the whole project, please go to the project website.